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Leo Covarrubias - Senior Technical Artist

My career over the past 10 years has included work in both technical art and character art. I spent nine years making characters and have a strong understanding of character art pipelines. During that time, I always demanded more than the available software provided, and so devoted additional time to developing my own tools and processes to refine and streamline the art pipeline. Through this work, I recognized that my true passion was in technical art and transitioned into a full-time technical artist role in 2017.

My strength is in developing useful and intuitive art tools that enable artists to work faster without constraining their workflow. I feel that working collaboratively with artists is crucial in order to understand their needs. I'm especially interested in the artists' user experience, recognizing that artists will fall back to another workflow if they don't like using a given tool. I focus on developing tools with intuitive UI's that are compact and can be understood with minimal instruction. I'm also highly interested in developing art pipeline backends, creating tools that streamline asset management from creation to integration. I work to extend DCC packages so that multi-step export and integration processes feel fast and seamless for artists.


  • Art Pipeline Tools
  • Version Control Tools
  • Python - PyMel, PySide
  • Shaders - CGFX, HLSL
  • JavaScript for Photoshop
  • C#


  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Unity
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Perforce


Demo Video

GitHub Repositories

LCT Tools saved for historical reference
maya, pymel, python
A browser window to see all the built-in Qt image resources Maya can load.
maya, pymel, pyside2, python, qt, qt5
Some example Maya gui's built with PySide.
maya, pymel, pyside, pyside2, python, qt, qt5
Miscellaneous real-time shaders for the Maya viewport.
cgfx, dx11, hlsl, maya, shaders
An interactive "train lantern" prop built using a microcontroller running CircuitPython.
circuitpython, neopixel